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Introducing Ragus’ CSR Manager: Henry Eastick

04/06/2020 By Henry Eastick in Responsibility Ragus people, Ragus values

Ragus is delighted to announce the appointment of Henry Eastick as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager. CSR underpins operations at Ragus, from ensuring we only ever source through ethical and transparent supply chains to always seeking to limit the carbon footprint of our production facility. Henry will provide a focal point for these activities, channelling the experience he has gained in the last two years spent across all levels and functions of the business. In the below interview, Henry outlines what his plans are for the role and the impact he will have on CSR at Ragus.

ben shakes hands with beet farmer in front of tractor
“Fairtrade certifications are an important aspect of CSR.”

What is a CSR Manager?

“Corporate social responsibility is how businesses internally regulate their impact on the environment and society. As CSR manager, it is my responsibility to define Ragus’ CSR goals and then detail what’s needed to achieve them, either through new strategies or an update of existing policies.

This will include conducting research, communicating with internal departments and external organisations, and then implementing and coordinating new strategies and initiatives. I will also represent Ragus to external bodies, working with customers and suppliers to audit and maintain ethical, sustainable supply chains.”

What are a CSR Manager’s key responsibilities?

“In this role, my responsibilities will be diverse. First and foremost, I will be actively monitoring and reviewing Ragus’ onsite operations to ensure the sugars and syrups produced are done so with the lowest impact to the planet. This involves regular review of resource consumption and the sustainability of the raw materials we use. This constant monitoring approach extends beyond our onsite operations to our supply chains, ensuring our ethical and sustainable values are upheld. Doing so is vital to how the business operates at every stage in the sugar production journey, from the field to the factory. We are always looking for improvements.

Aside from this, I’m also looking forward to having the chance to promote ethical and environmentally conscious behaviour within the business. Ragus works to international guidance standards for sustainable procurement and holds many international accreditations in CSR. I’m excited to investigate ways we can become more environmentally friendly, seeking involvement from colleagues across the company.”

“My familiarity with production processes will give me an advantage when introducing practical, environmentally friendly measures.”

What was your previous experience at the company and how did that prepare you for this role?

“Prior to becoming CSR Manager, I spent nearly three years working at production level throughout the factory. Doing so gave me detailed knowledge of what the day-to-day running of Ragus involves. This gives me the insight to know how new procedure and strategies can be best implemented and will practically affect staff and operations.

My time on the shop floor, so to speak, was balanced with work on Ragus’ IT systems, with a particular focus on troubleshooting and adapting the new ERP solution to suit the company’s need. I was able to draw on my experience from across the business to ensure this was tailored to be as efficient and simple to use as possible.

My time spent researching other companies’ CSR approaches highlighted to me how often CSR strategies and initiatives are hampered by poor management and fail to produce cogent CSR programmes which are aligned with the company’s purpose and values. I want to draw on the learnings from these examples and ensure this is never the case at Ragus, with my experience in the production facility helping to guide this.”

Why is CSR important to you?

“My passion for managing Ragus’ environmental and social impact stems from my love of the outdoors. When not at Ragus, I love surfing, running and generally being out in nature. This creates a respect for the environment and an understanding of why the company’s approach to CSR plays such a vital role if we are to protect the health of the planet for future generations.”

Ragus has over 90 years’ experience manufacturing pure sugars and syrups and is dedicated to going above and beyond when it comes to CSR. To learn more about our products, please contact our Customer Services Team. To see more sugar news and updates, continue browsing SUGARTALK and follow Ragus on LinkedIn. 

Henry Eastick

Joining Ragus in 2017, Henry is the fifth generation of the Eastick family to work in the business. He has worked across our company, implementing plant and technology improvements in the factory to working in the lab developing a knowledge for our products. He focuses on our raw materials procurement as well as leading our digital transformation, adapting new technology and plant to meet our needs. His deep interest in nature and sustainability makes him a dedicated and passionate CSR manager.

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