Glucose Syrup

Glucose syrup’s high sweetness value and viscosity makes it suitable for many applications, including boiled sweets, in beverages and baked goods, and to prevent crystallisation in syrups for pharmaceuticals and medicines.



Glucose syrup is primarily used in confectionary and beverages, where its high glucose content acts as a sweetener. For confectionary, the syrup’s high viscosity also adds volume and chewiness to sweets.

It is also used as a humectant, helping products stay moist while extending their shelf life. In baked goods, glucose syrup is used to stabilise products, and in the pharmaceutical industry, it tends to be used to inhibit crystallisation.

Tasting notes

Glucose syrup has a light, sweet taste.

Storage & Packaging

Storage temperature
15–20 degrees centigrade.

Shelf life
Crystallisation (12 months); microbiology (12 months).

Packaging and storage options
Bulk tankers and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). Pails may be available depending on volume and location.


Glucose syrup is refined through hydrolysis of the starch in maize or wheat, either through acid hydrolysis or enzyme hydrolysis. Doing so produces a concentrated solution with a high glucose content. This is measured by the syrup’s Dextrose Equivalent (DE). The higher the DE, the sweeter and less viscous the syrup.

Glucose refiners typically use the acid hydrolysis method. First the starch is extracted, ground and soaked to hydrate, then mixed with sulphur dioxide and water. The mixture is heated under pressure and the acid acts as a catalyst to speed up the reaction. This converts the starch and acid into a solution of dextrose, maltose, and higher saccharides.

From here, the dilute syrup is passed through a filtration, ion exchange and deodorisation process to remove any remaining impurities, leaving it with a clear colour and enhancing its stability. Next the dilute syrup is evaporated under vacuum to raise its concentration, before being passed through a 150-micron filter and packaged.


Highly versatile, glucose syrup can be found in applications ranging from boiled sweets to cough syrups. If you would like to learn more about our specialist syrups, contact our Customer Services Team.

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