Soft Brown Light Sugar

A moist, deep golden sugar with a mellow aroma and texture due to its molasses content and fine grain size.



Soft brown light sugar has several diverse applications, but is primarily used to add flavour, colour and spread.

In baking, it is used to achieve a fine texture and volume. As well as this, soft brown light sugar adds flavour and colour to biscuits and cakes, such as cookies.

A fine grain size means soft brown light sugar easily dissolves. It is therefore perfect for sauces and toffees. In addition, it adds a mellow aroma and sweetness to other flavours, alongside the subtle amber colour.

The invert sugar in soft brown light sugar helps controls crystallisation, resulting in a smoother texture and additional moisture.

Tasting notes

Soft brown light sugar has a mellow aroma and sweet flavour. As it contains natural molasses it contains trace amounts of nutrients and minerals, including:









Storage & Packaging

Storage temperature
10 – 20 degrees centigrade, dry conditions and away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life
In excess of 18 months if left unopened.

Packaging and storage options
Soft brown light sugar is stored in 25kg paper sacks, which are then stacked five by eight into 1000kg pallets for safe storage and transportation. It is also stored and distributed in 1000kg flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs).


Refined sugar arrives at Ragus’ production facility. The sugar is then expertly blended with Ragus’ refiner’s syrup and treacle blend, giving soft brown light sugar its distinctive colour and flavour.

In addition, it also has a fine texture due to a relatively small grain size. Soft brown light sugar also has a lighter, amber colour and mellow taste in comparison to richer dark soft brown sugar.


A favourite for cookies, sauces and toffees, soft brown light sugar lends texture and colour, in addition to flavour. If you would like to learn more about our crystalline sugars, contact our Customer Services Team.

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