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Liquid Sugar in Granular Detail

14/06/2019 By Ibrahim Belo in Applications Desserts, Liquid sugars

Liquid sugar is present in the food and drinks we consume daily. In this week’s blog we explain what it is, where it can be used and how it should be stored.

What is liquid sugar and what products can it be used in?
Liquid sugar is a water-based sucrose solution made from white refined sugar or natural raw cane sugar and water. Classed as a syrup, it has a dry substance content of 66%. The applications of liquid sugar can vary from mouthfeel, the physical sensation caused by a product in the mouth, to more traditional roles such as sweetening.

Due to its highly adaptable nature, liquid sugar is used in a variety of products. Its liquid form means it is ideally suited to soft drinks, with this property also meaning it is easy to manage and handle. Moreover, as the sucrose is a fluid, it automates some of the production process for beverages, resulting in a quicker manufacturing process compared to using crystalline sugar.

Alongside this, liquid sugar can also easily and effectively add bulk to a diverse range of foodstuffs. These include dairy products, ice cream, and confectionery products such as toffee. Liquid sugars can also be used to aid initial fermentation in beer and cider, and then be used to prime them for secondary fermentation in the cask or bottle and it can be used to coat cereal bars.

Liquid sugar has a wide range of applications, from the production of toffee to aiding initial beer and cider fermentation

What are the benefits of using Ragus Pure Sugars’ liquid sugar?
When producing a product such as a soft drink, or even toffee, the process needs to be as streamlined as possible in order to reduce production time while still ensuring a consistent end result. Using liquid sugar, compared to a crystalline, speeds up production as the sugar is already in a solution, meaning it requires less manual handling and no packaging handling, thus reducing energy and labour costs. The other benefit of using liquid sugar is it helps ensure that every single batch is constantly the same, reducing the potential for contamination in the product process.

Ragus producing liquid sugar

At Ragus’ Pure Sugars, every syrup we produce in our state-of-the-art factory is rigorously tested throughout the production process to ensure consistency and quality. From liquid sugar to invert, every treacle and syrup that is delivered is quality checked to help you produce consistent quality products.

What liquid sugar products do Ragus Pure Sugars produce?
Ragus Pure Sugars offer a range of sugar products, from liquid cane sugar and liquid refined sugar to custom formulations that meet organic and Fairtrade standards. To discover which of these is ideally suited to your application, use our product finder, the ideal tool for ensuring your end product is perfect every time.

Following this, we then offer a consultation with our customers to help you find the right sugar for your application and work with you to produce the sugar product that meets your needs.

Ragus supplies high-quality, consistent and natural pure sugar products for food and beverage applications. To learn more about our products, please contact our Customer Services Team. To see more sugar news and updates, continue browsing SUGARTALK and follow Ragus on LinkedIn. 

Ibrahim Belo

With a primary responsibility for manufactured product quality control, Ibrahim works within our supplier chain, factory and production laboratory. He has a focus on continuous improvement, implementing and maintaining our technical and quality monitoring processes, ensuring standards and product specifications are met.

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