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How do I find my ideal sugar product?

18/04/2019 By Kay Sandhu in Applications Formulations, Properties & functions

With a product as diverse as sugar, finding your ideal solution can be tough. Here’s our guide to the Ragus Pure Sugars web resources that make your search easy.

How do I know my sugar is ethically sourced?

When deciding on where to purchase your sugar product, it is essential to ensure that every actor in the supply chain must be paid a fair wage for the part they play. In addition, the raw materials from which the sugar is produced should always be from a sustainable source that places the health of our planet at the fore. These two approaches are already engrained into the Ragus Pure Sugars approach to operations.

To find out more about this, there are two web resources to consult: our responsibility section and learning zone. The Responsibility resources explain Ragus Pure Sugars’ commitment to ethical sourcing that has defined our 90-year history as an independent importer of natural sugar cane and molasses, with this being evidenced by the accreditations we have received from organisations such as Bonsucro and Fairtrade. In this section you will also find breakdown of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and how it is integral to both the Ragus Pure Sugars brand and our means of operation.

Our Learning Zone provides the ideal opportunity to discover the journey these ethically sourced raw materials then take from field to factory. The processes we use to achieve this all have sustainability at their core, ensuring resources are conserved and a plentiful supply is maintained for future generations. Used in conjunction, both these web resources provide a comprehensive guide to Ragus Pure Sugars’ approach to delivering products that are ethical and sustainable, meaning you can make an informed choice when ordering your next sugar product.

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Our range of web resources are designed to make finding your ideal sugar product quick and simple.

What is the best sugar for my product or industry?

As we have seen in previous blogs, sugar is far more than a flavour enhancer. Knowing which of its many variants is best for your product or industry, therefore, can initially be daunting. Thankfully, our products web resources and product finder tool make this process simple.

The product finder is our easy to use resource that makes locating your ideal sugar product quick and simple. It allows you to choose the industry you operate in and then presents a range of sugars based on the product they are required for. Further filters include appearance, taste and texture, three aspects that always underpin any sugar manufactured by Ragus Pure Sugars.

Supporting the product finder tool are the product pages. These provide more detail on the nature of each specific sugar Ragus Pure Sugars manufactures, from crystallines and syrups to custom formulations, further helping you to identify the perfect sugar for your product or industry. Moreover, both these resources also contain contact information should you decide to order from Ragus Pure Sugars.

Ensuring reliable delivery of your sugar product

Having used the Ragus Pure Sugars web resources to determine the ideal sugar for your product, the next step is to ensure all subsequent orders are delivered on time, every time. Our delivering webpages provide everything you need to know about how our highly efficient workflows and well-honed processes mean we routinely deliver on-time and in-full to a host of customers across the globe.

Ragus supplies high-quality sugars, syrups and molasses for food and beverage applications. To learn more about our products, please contact our Customer Services Team. To see more sugar news and updates, continue browsing SUGARTALK and follow Ragus on LinkedIn. 

Kay Sandhu

Kay ensures that our customers’ orders are delivered, on time and in full.

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